Long Term Care Claims Advisory Committee

The Long Term Care Claim Advisory Committee (LTCCAC) was established in June 2006. It informally brings together long term care insurers to explore and create reference tools for long term care insurers. These tools support various benefit administration models and need to be applied in accordance with the terms and conditions of long term care policies. The LTCCAC is an independent group supported by participating companies. It is grateful to the LTCIF for its sponsorship.

The Committee's activity is dynamic in nature. Topical subjects for long term care claim managers are discussed at each quarterly meeting. These discussions lead to the development of reference tools that will be helpful to the long term care industry.

The Committee hopes its efforts are beneficial to LTC insurers and it encourages your comments and suggestions on the materials presented here. The LTC Claim Advisory Committee seeks to continuously improve upon the materials it presents and welcomes your feedback. Please email your comments to: LTCCAC@ltcif.com

Anti-trust Statement

The LTCCAC adheres to antitrust laws. The information provided here is intended to advance the knowledge and improve the risk assessment skills of LTC insurers. Under no circumstances shall this material be used as a forum for the pricing of specific products or for determining how they are marketed.

The information we have provided is offered as general information and should not be relied upon as advice, representation or counsel. Applicability of this information will vary depending on applicable state and federal laws, individual policy terms and conditions and exclusions. You should consult with appropriate professionals, including your own legal and/or tax counsel for any issues regarding this subject matter.

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