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Mutual of Omaha Introduces Long-Term Care Rider
United of Omaha, a Mutual of Omaha company, has introduced a new solution to help meet customers' long-term care (LTC) planning needs. The company recently launched a Long-Term Care Rider on its Income Advantage and Life Protection Advantage Indexed Universal Life policies. - August 2, 2018 –

Now You Can Add Long-Term Care to Death and Taxes
There is a wide disconnect between how many Americans will need long-term care versus what people actually think they'll need. Today, 70% of Americans will need some type of long-term care, but only 46% believe they will need it, according to a new study by the Moll Law Group, a personal injury firm that surveyed 2,000 people to see how prepared Americans were for the realities of long-term care. - August 6, 2018 –

Genworth raises long-term-care insurance costs an average 58%
Genworth Financial Inc. received approval from state regulators this year to raise costs an average 58% on some long-term-care insurance policies, affecting tens of millions of dollars' worth of annual insurance premiums the company receives from consumers. - August 9, 2018 –

Humana completes sale of long-term care insurance policy business KMG, at a loss of $790 million
Humana has completed the sale of its wholly-owned subsidiary KMG America Corporation, in a transaction first announced in November 2017 - August 13, 2018 –

How Medicare Wastes $4.6 Billion A Year On Long-Term Care Hospitals
Mom falls and breaks her hip. Her injury is repaired at the local acute care hospital but she needs intensive rehab and post-surgical care. She could be sent home or to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) but instead she is discharged to a long-term care hospital (LTCH)—a facility that specializes in intensive post-acute services.
August 29, 2018 –