Advances in Multiple Sclerosis

November 1, 2017


Join us for a deep dive into recent developments in the world of multiple sclerosis including discussion of potential impact for long term care professionals.   

Learning objectives:

    1. A review of recent changes in the criteria of multiple sclerosis diagnosis and basic principles in prognosticating disease course.

    2. Discussion of newly approved therapies in multiple sclerosis, morbidity data behind their use, complications, and potential improvements in adherence.

    3. Exploration of developments in MS imaging including insurance impact.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Dave Rengachary is Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Director for US Mortality Markets at RGA International Corporation. He is also Vice President of the Midwestern Medical Directors Association and a member of the Educational Committee of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine.

Dr. Rengachary attended the Honors Program in Medical Education at Northwestern University and then went on to complete an adult neurology residency at Washington University followed by a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology and board certification.

He serves on the board of directors of Memory Home Care Solutions and ABC Brigade; St. Louis based groups dedicated to Alzheimer family and stroke survivor support respectively. He also serves on the advisory board for the Longer Life Foundation partnership with Washington University. Dr. Rengachary is the primary author and editor of the Washington University Neurology Survival Guide.