Long Term Care International Forum

The Long Term Care International Forum is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is: to promote efficiency, effectiveness and high standards of performance in long term care insurance; to provide a forum for research, education, personal development and the exchange of ideas relating to various aspects of long term care administration. Discussion or actions in restraint of free trade or in violation of federal antitrust laws are forbidden.

Membership shall be open to all persons, corporations or organizations dedicated to the purpose of the association.


LTCIF Officers / Chairs - 2022-2023

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President Amy Chambers
Vice President Kace Kaiser
Treasurer Becky Freeman
Secretary Laura Zulick
Development Eva Portillo
Program Kace Kaiser (Chair)
Jane Menin Bagley (Co-Chair)
Joline Ballard
Rachel Cabe
Christie Conway
Jason Gallant
Paula Johnson
Sandra Jones
Mike Rafalko
Ed Rinehart
Michael Rustemeyer
Tara Travers
Kyle Victor
Site Debbie Maas
Petra Sifuentes

Sponsorship Petra Sifuentes
Webinars Debbie Maas (Chair)
Roy Christenson
Norman Seeman
Website/Marketing Georgetta Bolleter
Board of Directors Joe Furlong
Sheri Jones
Nolan Tully
Debbie Maas
Petra Sifuentes